Connect KX3 and Whizkers Radio on Nexus 5x phone


Hi all, I am new to Wizkers radio and have the app on my Nexus 5x phone but I am confused about the physical connection to my Elecraft KX3. What sort of cable do I need? Thanks in advance!


Welcome! You will need your usual KX3 USB adapter, and a “USB OTG” adapter for your Nexus 5X. Those can be found on Amazon and are usually quite cheap.

Alternatively, if you own a serial to bluetooth converter, this is another possibility. One caveat is the Adafruit “Bluefruit EZ-Link” which is a bit too smart for its own good and is not compatible with Android.

Last - choice is good - you can also use a Pignology “Piglet” to connect over WiFi. You can check out for more details there.

Hoping this help!