FT857 support on Wizkers:Radio


… nearly there! I am hoping I’ll be able to release a working FT857 instrument in the next few days, but the artwork is almost complete:

Comments are welcome!


Another VERY nice piece oft artwork. Expect that the will work like a charm as well…


Sweet, artwork looks great; can’t wait to try it :slight_smile: 73 Stefano IUØDFT


Any beta for the Mac to try? 73 Stefano IUØDFT


Just uploaded Wizkers:Radio 0.2.4 to the Chrome store! FT857 support is very simple at this stage, mostly an updated artwork, no rotating VFO buttons yet. Can you let me know how it works out for you?


I got Chrome on my MacBook Pro and downloaded Wizkers:Radio, CAT cable ready, I’ll let you know how it goes later.


Stefano, IUØDFT


1st test done, everything seems to work besides the display characters, they are way too big.


Stefano, IUØDFT


Thanks, if you want to share a screenshot, go ahead!



Indeed :slight_smile: Can you try with the FT817 instrument (connect it to the 857, it should work the same) and let me know if the font issue is the same?


Using the FT-817ND instrument the display is perfectly fine; I noticed another glitch: VFOb shown instead of VFOa


Stefano, IUØDFT


ok, good news, thanks! I will correct this font issue in the next release. Thanks for the the VFOa/VFOb report as well.

The 817/857 have fairly limited CAT capabilities when it comes to fancy features like what you can see on the KX3. The most interesting part is the output plugins that connect to fldigi/wsjt-X and the like. It should be possible to add more functionality around VHF operations, as well as a couple of configuration features, such as saving/restoring the default config…


Hi Ed,

do you have any kind of help file or instructions to figure out the various settings of the FT-857D instrument?


Stefano, IUØDFT


Hi Stefano,

There is some material at http://wizkers.github.io/wizkers-doc/ but I am behind on the documentation, I’m afraid…


It is ok I had it almost figured out reading the KX3 docs.

One question: what’s the difference between tty usb port and cu usb port? Which one should I use?


Stefano IUØDFT


Good question :+) they are identical as far as I can tell, I have used both interchangeably… For some reason Mac OS creates two devices.