Hardware basics


I have the K3 but have not read anything on required hardware/software on the computer and what it takes to interface between the computer and the radio.
What must I have to use Wizkas.iO.
Advice will have to be as one who is illiterate.

Allen Griffith…N5AG


Hi Allen,

You are right, I need to add this in a FAQ: you will need the standard Elecraft USB cable, along with a USB “OTG Adapter” to connect this cable to your phone/tablet, just just the USB cable by itself if you are running Wizkers:Radio on a PC, Mac or Chromebook.

Additionally, if you own a bluetooth serial adapter, you can also use it, as well as the Pignology “Piglet” which is a Wifi serial adapter.

Please note that the K3 is not officially supported at this stage yet! Only KX2 and KX3.


Hi Ed,
Thanks for the help.
Got the Serial/USB adapter from the K3 to the Computer. Is there no program to install on the PC to make this work from my Android?
I configured Instrument Details with the following:
Name…Griff’s Best Radio
Type Elecraft KX3 (even though it is a K3)
Serial Port…TCP/IP
7373 (?)
Live view length 600 seconds (?)
Polling period
Poll every 1 seconds (?)
enter your notes here…(?)

I saved above.

Question marks indicate I’m not clear on the titles and information.

When I select CONNECT TO GRIFF’S BEST RADIO I get the following message after a while…
Error: Connection error
Details: Could not open connection to remote device.

I am running a Samsung Galaxie 5. Are there settings in the phone I need to set up? As I said above, I have the Serial/USB adapted cable directly from the K3/P3 to a USB port on the PV. I have designated COM 3 as the port that the Elecraft Utility recognizes and of course do not have the Utility running as well as anything else on COM 3.

Thanks for your help
Allen “Griff” Griffith…N5AG


Hi Allen,

OK, I think I understand where the confusion comes from: if you want to run Wizkers:Radio on your Android device, you don’t have to connect your K3 to the computer at all, actually. What you want is a “USB OTG Adapter” like this one (I haven’t tested this particular model, but it seems to have good reviews), and use it to connect the K3 directly to the tablet.

The “TCP/IP” option is used when you connect your K3 through a serial-to-network adapter such as the Pignology Piglet , but this not your case.

Alternatively, you can use Wizkers:Radio on your computer by picking the COM port of your adapter - COM3 as you stated in your message -.

Does this clarify things a bit?



Well no. Actually I was under the impression I could remote my K3 by connecting to the internet from some other location (miles away with an internet connection through my phone). I suppose I missed what the app was designed for.
Thanks. Sorry for my confusion.


Good point: this capability is coming as well, but will wait until a couple more radios are supported. You can check the documentation site and the ‘webrtc’ plugin doc for more details!