Intro video for Wizkers:Radio


We have just published our first tutorial on how to use Wizkers:Radio on a computer: let us know your thoughts, and what you would like to see next!


Hello Ed.

Good first video.

Re the memories (in the program.) Could the VFO-B frequency be placed under VFO-A’s in those memory panels?
In the video, the A frequency was showing as overlaying the B frequency when you created a new memory entry. Not visually good I think.

Tuning. Is the only control via the text fields at the top to the right of the graphic? Or, is there another way, I tried hovering the mouse over the tuning knob in the image and using the scroll wheel, but nothing happened.

I am aware of other tools, some allow the use of a mouse scroll wheel, either over the image of the tuning knob, or when hovering over a digit in the image display. (Fldigi/Flrig like.)

Overall, I’m impressed with what you’ve created, and would love to help (however I can) to move this forward for all.

Dave 'wbx.

PS: I’ll do some more tests tonight, and see if I can get you an image of the issue with the netbook and small screen.


Thanks! Good points - I have already planned to move the VFO B display on the frequency cards so that it does not overlap with VFOA, good point.

There are a couple of low level technical challenges behind, but I’d like to use the scroll wheel / touch pad scroll over the VFO wheel to do those frequency adjustments, if possible it will be implemented in a future revision.


I did a bit of work on Wizkers:Radio last night, and I was able to create a nice rotating VFO button that you can control with your mouse wheel when the mouse if over the button - or two-finger scrolling if you’re using a touch pad. Works super well, I’m still refining the response to make it possible to do both fine and coarse tuning.

Likewise, the VFO displays are now stacked and not overlapping.

All of this will be included in the next release over the week-end!


Hi Ed.

I look forward to testing that.

I have noticed a few other things too, but I need to gather more info before letting you know what etc.

73 till later.