Kenwood V71A Connection Issues


Hello All!

This looks like an amazing little app but I am having some issues connecting to my V71a. My serial port settings seem correct and it can find and connect to the radio, however it never seems to fully synchronize the radio, and will get stuck in the default state.

I have tried messing around with baud rate settings on my serial port and radio to no avail.

If there is something silly I am missing would love to find out. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Chrome App


Have you checked the V71A is able to connect using the Kenwood utility?

When you say “default state”, do you see the dial on the app update when you change the radio frequency, or does the “Connect” button remain in dimmed state?



Thank you for the reply! Yes I am able to connect and program in Kenwood MCP and via CHIRP without issue. I also get no response if I mess with the knobs while connected. I am using a high quality FTDI chip USB to serial cable so I am hoping that type of connection is not the issue. While connected I get a “heartbeat” style flash every 1 second on my rx/tx light which stops when I do a memory scan. I get no other indicator activity while connected.

edit - I should also mention that the COM port is definitely locked and in use while connected! So something is happening at least. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the help!


OK, I will test tonight on Win10 + Chrome - my reference dev platform is a Mac, and there are small differences on each OS despite being a ‘multiplatform’ framework.


Thanks again for the help Ed!

If you need anything from my end just let me know.



Was this issue resolved? I’m seeing exactly the same symptoms connecting to a TM-D710G. I am able to connect to the serial port (Wizkers:radio button goes green and says "Disconnect from "). When I click Device Setup, then select the Memories tab and click READ FROM RADIO under Memories, nothing happens. No indication in the Wizkers app or on the radio. This same cable works fine with Chirp and the Kenwood MCP and RT Systems programs.

I’m running the Chrome extension under Chromium Version 60.0.3112.89 (Developer Build) Built on Ubuntu 14.04, running on Raspbian 9.3 (32-bit). This is a Raspberry Pi 3.





I just tried this on a Windows 10 laptop using the latest Chrome browser and Wizkers:radio extension. I get the same results. I know that the 710G isn’t exactly the same as the V71, but I should be able to at least get some response from the rig, right? I tested the cable again and it works fine with Kenwood’s MCP program and Chirp and RT Systems software on this same computer.




Hi…have you checked that it is tone on transmit only that is set and that it is not set to require the tone on receive too?
The effect is to basically mean that the squelch appears to have no effect, the set is seemingly dead unless someone else transmits via the repeater. Basically the tone on receive opens the squelch, meaning that the set is quiet unless the signal is being received via the programmed repeater. It basically stops you receiving signals from any other in range repeater except your own local one.