KX2 fails to connect with Wizkers 0.3.5 Mac OS app



I’ve been trying to get my KX2 to connect with the 0.3.5 version from the Mac app store. I’m running 10.11.6 on the Mac and am able to connect to the KX2 (and manage its settings and firmware) using the KXUSB cable and Elecraft’s KX2 Utility (and it’s set to the 38400 baud rate). However the Wizkers app keeps giving me the following error when trying to connect to the device: Error: Failed to connect to the port.

I’ve done the usual things with an app restart, reconnection of cables, computer restart, two handstands and a belly rub, but to no avail. Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for any insights you might have.



Update to my original post:

I am able to connect to the KX2 using the same physical setup using the Chrome extension on the Mac… AND can control/monitor the KX2 using other radio control software on my VMWare virtual machine running Windows 10. So, this connection issue seems to be specific only to the Mac running 10.11.6, the KX2 on the latest firmware (2.89), using the KXUSB cable from Elecraft, running Wikers 0.3.5.