Project Update on K3

Came across this project when looking for K3 utility to use with my K3 as a remote radio…looks like this project maybe at a standstill???
Nothing seems current at this time?
Let me know your thoughts?
Tom, K0YR

GE, Tom.

I’ve seen no activity on this list ever since I first installed Wiskers Radio on a Chromebox. I initially used it strictly as a client with my KX3 and it works fine. I recently started using Google’s Crostini (Linux) on the Chromebox and, due to some limitations in the Linux beta, wanted to use Wiskers Radio as an FLRig server running on the Chromium side to connect to FLDigi running on the Linux side. I’ve been unable to get it to work, even though there’s a video showing it in operation. I’ve asked a question on the post containing the video but so far haven’t received a response from the developer. I’m thinking support has probably dropped by the wayside, which is too bad as I really like the software.

73, Jim - K0RGI

One additional item of note. There is a K3 instrument noted in the dropdown so perhaps it’s operational. Worth a try anyway. Also, it’s Wizkers Radio, not Wiskers as I wrote - but you probably already knew that.