Remoting K3 through Internet using Samsung Galaxy 5


I have Wizkers running on my PC via the Chrome App. I desire to control the K3 (NOT KX3) remotely via my phone which has the Wizkers App on it. I want to know the settings on both the PC App AND the APP on the cell phone to accomplish this. I do not find any DETAILED instructions to accomplish this on the forum.
I am unable to connect remotely. I am not understanding what must be set to accomplish this. I AM NOT REFERRING TO USING OTG CABLE FOR JUST CONTROLLING THE K3 WHILE AT THE RADIO.

Also, the PC app does not seem to want to display the 160 meter band frequencies when selected. Sometimes it defers to display the serial number of the K3 instead of the frequency. Also it will just display 888.8888.88. rather that the correct frequency.



Good point - I need to create a good tutorial on how to do this. Stay tuned, it’s coming up!


Hi Ed,
Just wondering if there has been any progress on the remoting of the Elecraft/Samsung5 tutorial?
Allen Griffith


Hi Allen,

Tutorial coming up this weekend if all goes well! My time has been taken by submitting Wizkers:Radio to the Mac app store, which is a time-consuming process, but I am at the very end of it now, so I should have more time very soon. Hang tight!