Sark 110 , Mac?


I guess this is starting out a complaint .
I started with Wizkers because it is spouse to help with using a Macbook Pro & Sark 110 .
From the begining , nothing seemed normal , difficult to find , get things set up etc.
I buy off of the Apple App store , and seemed to download , but can not get anything to work / open .
If I double click on anything in finder under Sark - I get pop-up saying " can not open " - that’s what Wizkers was spouse to do , the Wizkers opening page said it would auto-reconize the Sark device - it is connected [ USB ] and on my desk-top .
Then I register for the forums , and this again unlike any other forums , so the need to learn a new system , this is problematic at best ?
And wilth a search , there is basically nothing here for Sark , at least that normal search would bring up ?