Setup for RUMlogNG?


Has anyone got Wizkers:Radio working RUMlogNG? The two programs use different terms for rig control. I ran out of time for random trials before Field Day and decided I needed logging more, so I just ran RUMlogNG.



I have RUMLogNG working in Wizkers:Radio - I added the support for the (obsolete) XML-RPC that RUMLogNG uses and will release a minor update later today. Gotta shoot a couple more tutorial videos on this as well…


Great! I’m glad to try it out.

One other suggestion. When creating a new Data Output, changing the Type should update the Name, at least until the user has chosen a name. I ended up with three Data Outputs all named “HTTP Rest”. oops.



Just pushed version 0.2.3 to the Chrome app store - Android version coming up a bit later, it is less critical unless someone tells me they’re using their tablet as their rig controller for their Mac -.

Setup instructions for RUMLogNG: on Wizkers:Radio, create a XML-RPC output plugin like you would for fldigi.

On RUMLogNG preferences, check “use fldigi for CAT” and use port 12345 :

… that should be it!

Note that you can use fldigi at the same time as well, no need to setup another output on Wizkers:Radio.

Before RUMLog support was implemented, I had to either reconfigure RUMLog and fldigi on the fly when I only used one of them, or let fldigi run in the background to enable RUMLog to follow the TX. Not anymore!