Simple Terminal question (how to set terminal device)


I’m a new developer trying working to develop a application that can run under Wizkers. I was going to start with the Simple Terminal as I need to move async data to and from my device. I can’t see where in the modules to define the device to be used for connection to the external device. Is this burried in some command file somewhere?

73, Donald L Gover


I’m still stuck here I have built the server again on another linux system and I see my device /dev/ttyACM0 and I see the device in /dev/serial. Device ttyACM0 has dialout as the group of which I’m a member I can run a serial terminal and access the device so I know I can do IO to the device. I can not figure out how the server knows/shows what serial devices are available for selection. I have set DEBUG=* but I don’t see anything that might be the server trying to figure out where the serial devices are.

73, Donald L. Gover KC9ZMY


I am not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do? You normally select the serial port when you configure the instrument, never from the command line - there are no command line switches apart from the DEBUG environment variable…

Basically if you are creating a new instrument, you define what sort of connection it uses in instrumentmanager.js (located in www/js/app/instruments or depending on your build in oem/radio/www/js/app/instruments) . Each instrument is described in the supportedInstruments variable, and uses the connectionsettings key to point to the right connection driver. This way when you create an instrument from the web/app UI, Wizkers knows how to create the right configuration UI elements + connection driver for the instrument.

Does this help ?