Sneak Peek of next KX3 UI


Thanks to the hard work of Richard @OK3AR , the next release of Wizkers:Radio will include a super cool improvement for the KX2/KX3 and K3 radios: pixel-perfect fonts for both VFO A and VFO B!

Creating a font is not an easy job, but, in my humble opinion, the results speak for themselves and are totally worth it:

You can expect a new release of Wizkers:Radio in the next couple of days if all goes well!


Ed, thank you for the post: a) The matrix fonts are not that complicated, although some experience in creating it requires too. There has been a problem that has KX3 the lower display only 13-segment matrix, so the layout of the character table - especially special: o) - is totally different than a standard 14-segment font. The difference is, that the middle bar in the font is only one segment. For the 14-segment font is the middle bar consists of two segments. It was therefore necessary every character on the KX3 show and visually create.
I’m glad I could contribute at least a small contribution to the development Wizkers radio!


Hello Richard,

Good work for the KX3 fonts!
Just for know, I would like to use them in a personal HAM graphic design … There is a way that I can obtain a copy?
I’m on OSX platform.

Again thanks for your work

Best regards

Sébastien Roy


Hi Sebastien, all the code for Wizkers is open source, so everything is available on GitHub, including the fonts. Their license is Creative Commons CC-BY-SA, which means that you are free to use them but you have to give full credit.