Testers needed for MacOS native version of Wizkers:Radio


I am putting the final touch to a native version of Wizkers:Radio for the Mac - this makes it easier to just run Wizkers:Radio on a Mac, with no need for Chrome at all - I am getting quite a lot of push back from people who just don’t like Chrome, so moving towards a version without that dependency makes sense.

The idea is to eventually release on the Mac app store, which will make it very easy to do updates, but in the mean time, if a couple of Mac users want to volunteer for testing, that would be super helpful!


happy to test the native mac version with a kx2 or a kx3.
running macOS 10.11.16 (El Capitan)


I am will be happy to testing native app with KX3 + Macbook Pro, El Capitan
Eventually, can translate to Czech.


Thanks! Watch for a personal message on the forum, I will send you a download link shortly. Please report your experience on this thread…

The binary is not signed, so depending on your Mac settings, you might have to open it with a right-click (2-finger tap) and chose “Open” in the menu.


Hi Ed, if you need an extra tester here I am (10.11.6) :slight_smile: 73 Stefano, IUØDFT


Wizkers OSX native app
At first - the app si HUGE (!!!) over 500 MB - i am think, this is more than usually. The problem is probably that the version that I tested is a complete development environment for Chrome?

Environment - from my perspective, very nicely displayed RIG (picture is from the owner manual?). Rotary VFO encoder works beautifully with the trackpad. WOW! Other rotary selector not. Sure, maybe there’s a volume on the slider. But even so, the question is whether it would be good to keep the functionality of all rotary encoders as physical RIG?. Of course, probably would be needed for the smaller knobs it programmed to rotate less fast: o) Likewise, I would keep the option to press the rotary selector. Just physically migrate KX3 feelings to a virtual environment + used functions in addition to pull sliders.

Whats is for me little terrible, is the display of KX3. If i have a FRQ 7.111, then i see something ugly -

The font is not same as KX3 font (but it’s close). The matrix fonts can not be proportional (I mean this the number 1 and others character with another typographic with - “l” vs” m” etc.) must have the same width as other numbers. I make a little changes in the font - i send you by email. But i see the better results with the “Open 24 Display St” font than Let_s_go_Digital. The Open 24 Display font must be little tuned up too (several characters is there another way). Or, if you are interested, i can make “KX3 font” with exact image numbers and characters of KX3 (I’m graphic designer and typographer). But, give me a little time in this case (2-3 weeks).

Some elements of the display not react to the current situation - the BW, filters etc. Likewise, display and performance SWR and emitted POWER vs. ALC and AGC…
The waterfall and the band display sometimes it works, sometimes not. If i will tune the scale or ref., then very often I get only a blank screen of waterfall and I have to restart the program.
Another chapter are controls outside KX3 - data memory and the like, as well as input frequency to VFO A and B, performance, etc. More would have liked, if control was more in OSX style - floating windows and larger clickable ± areas. The frequency should certainly go to enter without decimal points or commas (RUMlog has this feature and I find it very practical.
Shortcuts - for convenient control features I would welcome the possibility of keyboard shortcuts. An ideal would be offered a app menu split into logical units - just as it has KX3. (Band + memory operation, Transmit + ATU, Receiving features etc.) and some important functions control by shortcut (not all, of course…) For example turn on ATU, RIT, PBT I a II, VOX, transmit…
My idea is to control the portable TRX just over NB, and this app is already much closer. I’m going to still continue to test and provide info.


Hi Ed,

I tried to download the file (236 MB) but after unzipping there is nothing to run just a contents folder with a bunch of other folders and files in it.


Stefano, IUØDFT


I have a little problem with direct download too (I thought it was not so big file, HI), but in Dropbox is feature - SAVE TO MY DROPBOX (if you have account), then download computer the file direct to my Dropbox folder on my MB.


It’s the same, Iget a contents folder and no install or app to run. 73 Stefano, IUØDFT


Yes, saw it on another computer too: just create a “Wizkers.app” folder and put contents into it. It will then turn into either a proper app, or a “Broken” app. It’s not broken, it’s just that your Mac security settings don’t like home-made apps. You can then visit the preferences and in Security, accept apps from “any source”. This is a temporary setting… Let me know if this works for you!


How big is the file?


The uncompressed app is 202MB on my Mac.


OK, got the new .dmg file, I’ll try it tomorrow. 73 Stefano, IUØDFT


Would like to test it as well…
iMac, MBPro and MBAir available…


Finally had chance to give it a try, everything works fine (same Version 0.25 glitches) on my MacBook with El Capitan on it.


Stefano, IUØDFT


Yes, I still need to fix the font issue on the 857, I’m on it :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to fix the VFOa/VFOb issue :slight_smile: 73 Stefano, IUØDFT


When i go to DEVICE SETUP and then KX3, the RIG will beep several time and ends in AM mode… Short video whats happened on display is here:


The function “BAND BUTTON” is similar, beeps several time, on the display is “dance music” :o) - but end correctly on starting mode.


@OK3AR that’s correct: I scan the rig - as fast as possible - for all the settings that are displayed on the screen, and this involves cycling through the modes to find out the AGC settings for each mode.

You are right, I need to read the initial mode the rig is in, and put it back in that mode properly, this will be more user-friendly. I will add this in my list of bug fixes. Nothing can be done with the beeps though, unless they are deactivated in your settings menu…