Testers needed for MacOS native version of Wizkers:Radio


OK Ed, no problem. when this is a feature, i will be satisfied :slight_smile:


I can test the Mac version with my SARK-110 analyzer if you need that still. Thanks.


Hi Ed. I can help. Running a 2012 Mac Mini, 2012 MacBook Pro both with El Capitan - KX2/KX3

Pete - KW9E


Thanks for the replies, everyone. Next step on our side is to build a proper signed copy for the Mac, as soon as this is done we will reach back out!


Hi Ed, any news on Native 0.30? 73 Stefano IUØDFT


Very exciting news! Let me know if you need another beta tester for the Elecraft KX3 using a MacBook Pro.


Hi Ed,

thanks for your effort in constantly updating your :Radio application for us :slight_smile
I was wondering if there will be a Native 0.3.2 release for macOS


Stefano, IU0DFT


Hoping to release it today, actually! I need to finalize my subscription to the Apple developer program and sign the app before releasing it.


Hi Ed,

That’s a good idea, I had a developer account for a long time used it for macOS support, tweaks, and insights. Apple signed software goes a long way. iOS apps getting closer?

73 Stefano IUØDFT


IOS apps are getting closer. IOS only supports TCP/IP connections for now, such as the Pignology Piglet. Unless you have BTLE serial interfaces to recommend? In any case, Wizkers:Radio is working on IOS fine in TCP/IP mode on my test iPhone 5.

The trick of course is to get approval from the Apple App store, which is always hit or miss.


HI Ed,

I’m using Pignology HamLog on my iPhone and I’m aware of the Piglet, never used one, though. TCP/IP can be a good way to go if it does support all the commands you would like to implement.

IMHO a cable (Lightning to CAT) can be an alternative. Adding Bluetooth to a radio station is not “clean” possibly causing interferences and disconnections.

Maybe there is even a way to use the stock Lightning to USB cable with new radios.

Apple is tricky with it’s approval process, you are right, but I’m sure that with your beautiful interface and well done coding it will not be too hard to get on the App Store. You’ll never know :wink:

73 Stefano IUØDFT


Excellent points, Stefano.

As much as I wish it was possible to do “lightning to CAT”, i.e. “ligthning to serial”, this is actually prohibited by Apple believe it or not. There is, as far as I know, only one Ligthning to Serial cable on the market today, and it specifically cannot work for Apps on the App store, only for apps you compile yourself.

Wizkers:Radio is open source, so “anyone” can compile it, of course, but most people will not be willing to learn how to build complex IOS apps just for a rig controller!

In the mean time, TCP/IP/Wifi works really great. Another avenue I’m exploring it BTLE. The only issue with BTLE is that it is very slow compared to TCP/IP. It works, though, especially if I create a special “low bitrate” mode on Wizkers that takes this into account.

My plan at this stage is to build/submit Wizkers:Radio with only TCP/IP support for now for IOS, and go from there.


A bit of news here: thanks to the great folks at nwjs.io, I was able to build a version of Wizkers:Radio that was accepted by the Mac app store.

This is a great first step, but only the first step. The app is now in review. Hopefully the UI will pass the requirements of Apple and the app will be live in a couple of days. At that stage, things are essentially out of my hands. Cross fingers!



At last it is here! Apple’s app submission policy is very strict - which is a very good thing for end users - which means getting Wizkers:Radio approved took longer and more effort than expected, but you can now install it directly from the Mac app store. Search for “Wizkers Radio” there.

After a lot of though, we have taken the decision to make the app store version $8.99. As you know, Wizkers:Radio is an open source application, which means that you can also download it and compile it from source with the appropriate setup on your computer, at no cost. While proficiency on the command line is definitely required, http://wizkers.io/ contains all the instructions in the “Support” section for doing so if you feel inclined.

The good thing about using the App store though, besides supporting the project, is that it gives you automatic updates, the guarantee of an app that has been thoroughly reviewed by Apple and will work well on your machine, and generally more ease of use and peace of mind. I would love to get your thoughts on this approach, which is similar to what other great open source Ham radio projects like aprsdroid have been doing: open source, DIY build is free, pre-packaged version on app store is for sale.

This way, we feel we have reached a nice balance between openness of the code in the spirit of Ham radio, and a way to show your support and make your life easier.

Of course, if you like the app, please feel free to leave positive reviews!



I bought the APP Store version, for some reason it doesn’t display the radio frequency on the graphic however the control’s seem to work. The freq is displayed in the menu on the right hand side of the radio graphic.


Thanks for the feedback @nn4e - can you tune around to see if the display gets updated? Click on “Device Setup” and go back to the main screen as well. Alternatively, can you do a quick test by changing your radio type to “KX3” and let me know if the display works better? Both radios share the exact same protocol, so this will help narrow down whether there is an issue on the KX2 transceiver display.


Yes, I set up a test as the KX3 and the freq displays and changes. When I change the freq on the KX2 setup it doesn’t change the display.

The mouse wheel does actually tune the transceiver, it is just that the display doesn’t display a freq



OK, thank you! I will tag this as a bug and prioritize for the next update, apologies for missing this one during QA.

In the mean time, you can use most of the features in KX3 mode, the largest difference is the smaller band support on the KX2. The LCD display is identical, but the key emulation on the app will probably be unpredictable.

If you use rig control features through the “Data Outputs” section, both KX2 and KX3 modes should work fine.


No worries, Thanks for the lightning fast reply. The Chrome App works properly, I believe, I removed it to test.



Congratulations on your new Apple-approved app Edouard!

I just downloaded it and will attempt to test with my SARK 110. Do you want testers to post to this thread or would you prefer another?

My “New Years wish” is that Wizkers develop/release support for “my future” FlexRadio 6xxx. Wide area remote operation is where I am headed and I would enjoy using both Wizkers and dpSDR to do it.

de John, WA7UAR, Seattle