Understanding the log


Hi there,

What does anyone know about the IMI Gateway log files?

It looks like the data are logged on 3 second intervals. Can this be modified by the user?

It looks like the “CPM” is an average - how is the averaging calculated?

I see columns labeled “CPM30” and “COUNT”, both of which are undefined. Is that normal? I really would like to get actual clicks, either on the 3 second intervals, or better, on 1 minute intervals. I can calculate those with a spreadsheet but still, it would be nice to have them come right out of the app.



Never mind, I got the answers from the horse’s mouth. The answers are:
The Inspector BLE just sends its current reading to IMI Gateway every 3 seconds when the Inspector updates.

Dan at IMI said that the low count rates are just averaging over the last 30 seconds, and I have to assume that it is an unweighted average. This means that you cant get the actual count rate out of the geiger counter, only the running 30 second averages.

Ed at Wizkers said that the columns “CPM30” and “COUNT” are used by the Onyx geiger counter, not by the inspector, and IMI gateway uses one log file format to be consistent and simple.