What's next on radio support for Wizkers:Radio?


Make your voice heard! What is the next radio you would like to see supported on Wizkers:Radio ?

  • FT-817ND
  • FT-857
  • Elecraft K3
  • Elecraft KX2
  • TS-480
  • Other (comment below!)

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… Thanks everyone!


Icom IC-7300 please! :slight_smile:


Thanks to a friend in the bay area, I now have a FT817 on my desk for a while, so the next radio to be supported will be… the 817 :slight_smile:

Time permitting, you should see a new release of Wizkers:Radio by the end of the week-end.


First progress on the 817ND - basic frequency reading and protocol implementation is working fine!

Will be looking for beta testers soon.


Icom IC-7300 please !!


Elecraft K2 would be nice.


Since you have the 817 done wouldn’t the 857 be pretty easy now since most of the CAT commands are the same.


Yes, definitely - I am working on the 857 artwork at the moment, in fact!


Hi Ed,

Yaesu FT-857D support would be great, I’m using a mac with El Capitan (macOS 10.11.5) if you need a beta tester.


Stefano, IUØDFT


Thanks Stefano, stay tuned on this, I’m making progress on the artwork…


Rotor control for Yaesu G1000 would be awesome as there are some third-party boards to add a usb port to your rotor…

And by the way - Is there an option to display more than one instrument in the window? There is much space on a 27 inch screen… KX3 + JUMA PA + ROTOR in my case

With your artwork (817 is UFB) all these instruments side by side would look fantastic I think.



Hi Ed,

I think you will like this website:

It has a full list of documented and undocumented FT-817 CAT commands.


Stefano, IUØDFT


Icom IC-7300 would be nice.


I’d like to vote for the Kenwood TS-590S.


I’d like to see the Flex Radio 6x00 series supported.


IC-7300 would a fantastic addition.

–Harry, W1HMM


Thanks for all the input here! This is really valuable. As I mentioned in the past, access to hardware is always key in supporting new rigs, but this definitely helps sorting our priorities.


Please consider the FTdx3000.I ame already waiting for more then 6months on a program that wil support my rig…Hope you wil consider to make the lot of users of this rig happy.
PE1HLS. Kleis.


“Official” support for the Kenwood TM-D710G would be great!