Wizkers 0.2.4 released


Hi everyone,

Wizkers:Radio version 0.2.4 is making its way to the various app stores as I write this. In this version, a couple of new features:

  • New low battery alarm for the KX3 and KX2. You will see a new “Extra” tab in the main window, where you can activate a low voltage alarm. The alarm is a simple - and annoying - beep for now.

  • Experimental support for the FT857. At this stage, besides the artwork, it is really identical to the FT817 implementation, there is no attempt to reproduce the 857 screen super precisely. If a 857 owner can test and report, I would appreciate a lot!

  • Quite a lot of work behind the scenes for performance improvement and better runtime code compression, not very interesting but very time-consuming, and important for future evolutions.

As always, you can head over to the various app stores to install Wizkers:Radio, or simply wait for Wizker:Radio to automatically upgrade on our devices(s).

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