Wizkers:Radio 0.1.6 is released


We have just released Wizkers:Radio 0.1.6. This is not a major release, but we have introduced two nice capabilities:

Elecraft XG3 sweep capabilities

The XG3 supports frequency sweeps, and Wizkers:Radio was missing this, compared to the Elecraft utility. We have now closed the gap, let us know how it works for you !

Color frequency cards on the KX3

The “Frequency Cards” on the KX3 main display now change color when you are either right on frequency, or your VFO A is between the VFOA and VFOB frequency of a card. Very useful when scanning the bands!

**Where to update / install **

If you have installed Wizkers already, then it will update automatically. If you want to install it for the first time, head over to http://wizkers.io/wizkersradio and click on the App store / Chrome store icons.

Give us feedback

Reply to this thread with your comments/ideas/bug reports, etc…


I have wizkers running but it is not auto updating, does it do its check
on program run start?


Very good point! Wizkers will eventually upgrade by itself, but can take some time to do it, especially if Chrome is not your main browser.

You can force an update from Chrome by visiting this location: ‘chrome://extensions’ where you will see a “Update extensions” button, which will force the upgrade, as shown below:


that worked for forcing the update as I do not use chrome very often. I had to turn on developer mode to see that update button.