Wizkers:Radio 0.1.8 is released


After a long coding week-end, I am very happy to announce the release of Wizkers:Radio version 0.1.8. I should really have called it Wizkers:Radio 2.0, because there are very significant improvements in this release:

  • For the first time, Wizkers:Radio supports a non-Elecraft model: the Yaesu FT817ND.
  • As per the great suggestion of @K6WRU, we now support a “KX3 as SWR Sweeper” mode, which will turn into a proper “KX3 as signal generator and beacon” mode in the next few releases
  • XML-RPC support performance has been significantly improved - about a 80% reduction in CPU usage

Tip: did you know you can use Wizkers:Radio as your FLDIGI rig controller? Even if you run it on a tablet and fldigi is running on your computer?

In the background, supporting a non-Elecraft rig required significant updates to the code, and the good news is that this is going to make it fairly simple to support additional rig types.

Everyone loves a picture, so here is a screenshot of the new version, on a phone for once, which shows off the new FT817ND support - though not obvious at first sight, the FT817ND artwork is 100% original and pure vector graphics, it will look good at any screen resolution:

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