Wizkers:Radio 0.2.1 with Bluetooth support is released


This is another weekend release: the new version of Wizkers:Radio is making its way to the various stores and should update automatically sometime in the next few hours.

So what’s new?

  • By popular request: bluetooth serial adapters are now supported on all radios. I am looking forward to hearing how this is working
  • The VFO Wheels are working on both Chrome and Android; Use your finger to swipe up/down on the VFO wheel to change the frequency
  • The VFO wheel on the KX2 is now working

I would really like to get feedback on the behavior of the VFO Wheel, I think it could be improved.

Same thing with Bluetooth: unfortunately, www.adafruit.com sent me a defective bluetooth module, so I had to implement support blindly, but I am fairly confident it should work fine. Again, reports much appreciated!

How to use Bluetooth on Android

Whiskers:Radio supports bluetooth “classic” serial modules, not Bluetooth low energy modules - yet - . Before using Wizkers:Radio, you will need to pair your module to your phone by going to the settings section of Android, and follow the instructions of your bluetooth serial adapter manufacturer.

You will also need to configure your bluetooth serial dongle for the correct speed for the radio, as per your dongle instructions, Wizkers:Radio does not do it automatically.

Once the module is paired, you can configure your radio in Wizkers:Radio, and in the “serial port” dialog, you will have a choice of “USB OTG”, “TCP/IP” and “Bluetooth”. Select Bluetooth (you might have to select twice, lingering bug), and then a new dropdown will be displayed. Pick your bluetooth serial adapter in the list, and you should be set!

Get it on Google PlayGet it on the Chrome app store


Can there be an option in the settings for Android users so that when we close the app like we close other apps, that Wizkers does not stay running in the background? I had to go into settings on my phone and force close Wizkers to stop it. de WE0H


Very good point! Actually, though unfortunately few people seem to know about it, if you use the ‘square’ menu button on Android which shows the list of running apps - sometimes a long press on the menu button on some phones - , then you can simply exit by swiping the Wizkers app right. This is the best way to exit Wizkers. You should never have to go to settings to exit!

The idea behind leaving it running in the background is that you probably don’t want to connect/disconnect from your radio all the time if you leave the app for a second to check a message or look up a web page.

Makes sense?


Yes, makes sense :slight_smile: I will try it now like you said :wink: Thank you.


It closed :slight_smile: Thank you so much :slight_smile: