Wizkers:Radio 0.2.2 Release: S-Level monitor, Bargraph and advanced KX2 config


Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce a new release of Wizkers:Radio today. Version 0.2.2 brings quite a few nice goodies:

  • KX2 advanced configuration. You can now adjust your audio settings and read frequency memories on the KX2 as well. KX2 owners, please test and report! The KX2 supports many advanced audio settings which are not super easy to adjust from the front panel - when was the last time you adjusted your AGC curves? This is an attempt at making things a lot simpler.

  • The KX2 and KX3 instruments now show the SWR and power bars on the screen. Small improvement, but nice nevertheless if the radio is far from your computer:

  • And last but not least: there is now a new instrument available: a fairly simple S-Level monitor, to see how band noise evolves through the day. This S-Level monitor works with every radio that is supported by Wizkers:Radio, just make sure you select the radio model in the dropdown in the “Extra Settings” section of the screen.

This is the second ‘toolbox’ instrument on Wizkers Radio after the SWR graph, and it will evolve with time to become more sophisticated, depending on the input I receive:

As usual, if you have already installed Wizkers:Radio, the update will make its way to you shortly by itself. Otherwise, head over to your favorite app store, links below!

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