Wizkers:Radio 0.2.5 Released


Thjis week-end is coming with the release of a new minor upgrade of Wizkers:Radio: we fixed the display issue with the FT857, and introduced new experimental support for the Elecraft K3:

The K3 has got a very busy front panel, so by default, clicking on the keys might be a big tricky. You can resize the main Wizkers:Radio window, though, and get a much more comfortable display:

This fairly complete copy of the front panel of the radio is a nice touch, but will really become super useful once Wizkers:Radio remote operations is fully enabled!

As usual, you can download Wizkers:Radio on your usual stores:

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Great news, I’ll give it a try as soon as I go home. Is there an update procedure or I have to remove 0.2.4 to install 0.2.5?


Stefano, IUØDFT


Hi Ed,

the display is better now but the numbers are still too big. Although it is possible to toggle from VFOa to VFOb the indication is always only VFOb


Thanks for the report! Good thing the font is now correct, even if too big - I will dig up the 817 unit I have to do tests on my side as well, since both radios share the same protocol. More news soon!