Wizkers:Radio 0.2.6 Released


We have just released Wizkers 0.2.6, which comes with all sorts of really nice improvements.

Elecraft LCD fonts
The first improvement in this release is “pixel perfect” rendering of the Elecraft LCD screen on the KX2, KX3 and K3. This is thanks to the great work of Richard, @OK3AR . This does not bring any additional feature, of course, but looks really good and is a great help if you are using Wizkers over a VNC session to do remote control of your Elecraft Rig.

Note: we have noticed that on some Android devices, the VFOB font rendering can sometimes have a small issue with the center segment - please report your phone/tablet model if that is the case, we are debugging this. Since we have a lot of new features in this release, we didn’t want to delay it further since this is mostly a cosmetic point.

Smith Charts
We are also introducing a new visualization on the WIzkers Framework: polar plots, and more precisely, Smith Charts. The first application for those is for the Sark 110 antenna analyzer.

Smith Charts are an amazing visualization tool for understanding the impedance of various parts of your system, so we are really glad with this first release. This first version is relatively simple, and we are looking forward to your input on what you would like to see there.

Android support for the Sark 110 (experimental)

Another great piece of news for this release: Wizkers now supports USB HID devices on Android platforms. This is of course dependent on your Android device supporting USB OTG, but if that’s the case, you should now see the Sark110 as a new option on the Android version of Wizkers:Radio and you will be able to generate both scalar and smith plots for your sark 110 on your device. This means higher resolution, easy screenshots, and more to come!

Side note on Android: some devices identify the “Mass storage” mode of the Sark110 and do not like it - they will offer to format the drive as an option in the top menu bar. It goes without saying you should not do this. Just leave the option alone, and all will work fine.

Smaller improvements
Lots of smaller improvements made their way into the release: the KX2/KX3 audio settings don’t leave the rig in AM mode anymore, the instrument settings screen is simplified, and many other bug fixes and performance improvements!

What the future holds

As you probably heard by now, Google is planning to discontinue support for Chrome packaged apps on Windows, Mac and Linux. This is a decision we regret, of course, but at the end of the day, this will have little influence on the future of Wizkers, and Wizkers:Radio in particular:

  • We will soon start distributing “native” versions of WIzkers:Radio for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Whenever possible, we will use app stores for distribution.
  • Android is not affected
  • Chromebooks should continue working as before for the foreseeable future. Wizkers:Radio is pretty much the only Amateur Radio app out there that can run natively on a Chromebook and will continue to be supported on this platform!

Where do I go to get all this?

Get it on Google PlayGet it on the Chrome app store


Quick note: Version was released at a minor update to improve the looks of the Elecraft “VFO B” font rendering. This removes the Android issues, and looks better in general.