Wizkers server on raspberry with elecraft kx3



I have tried to setup elecraft kx3 on wizkers server running on raspberry pi 3.
Server is built and running fine, radio is configured with baudrate 38400.
But, the wizkers config interface is missing the audio settings.
On the raspberry I have two USB soundcards, a soundblaster and a rigexpert TI-5. Both are recognized by rpi and is available for the RPI alsa sound system.

Radio control works fine, but I am unable to setup sound… Any tips?



Hi! Yes, unfortunately Audio is not implemented in server mode at all - this is a significant task, since this would require adding a complete custom audio API. One of the big 2017 roadmap items!


Hi Ed, thanks for answer.

So, it means it is not possible to do remote control of radio with audio using only wizkers at this time?


@ed Have you seen this javascript library:

It is using ffmpeg or avconv and node js serverside, and js clientside to stream audio with low-latency. I havent had the time to give it a try yet though.


Hi Arne, great link, thanks! I’m currently working precisely on this, there are a couple of avenues I’m exploring - and this is why I’m not very active on updates right now, everything’s in development :slight_smile:

Lately I also have been looking at using pure WebRTC with gstreamer and Janus, I need to evaluate latency and sound quality…